Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mackerel (mushimas) trip to Horizon, hoadehdhoo

Loadheli Manager
Usama Bin ladin with his followers
Cowboys of Kaadehdhoo are arriving
All are Politicians
Manchester City player on the field
Most outgoing mackereler of Madaveli (karabaa)
Beybey with his son
L'hamra behind with Karabaa
new comers are arriving for mackerels
Agsam with his mushimas
He is a no.1 contender of the season (jarumanu kaafa)
Everyday these heroes catch 4000 or 5000 mushimas, they called this a god given gift

Monney with others
Waheedbey with other mackerelers of hodaidhoo
Waheedbey and with his specially designed vessel ....trying to catch mushimas. He is mega catcher of everyday

Trying to catch mackerels
Money man with his vessel
Special task force of hoadehdoo mackerelers
This is a money man with his vessel, trying to catch mackerels
Musthafa is thinking about how to catch mackerels
This is a special mackerel fishing trip to Horizon, Hoadehdhoo on 15th Dec 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009